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About us

As a family-managed milling Group we feel that we are obligated to the tradition of our old trade and occupation. But every day we renew the quality promise we give our customers. The reason is that everything that our farmers harvest, whether they have a contract with us or not, as well as all the ideas we develop and which are put into practice, ultimately exclusively benefit the well-being of our customers, the bakeries, breweries and foodstuffs manufacturers as well as the consumers who cover their daily needs with high-quality basic foodstuffs made from grain.

And because quality brings us together, our 400 or more employees also share this awareness of origin, processing and product variety.
The Bindewald & Gutting Milling Group and its 8 mills pursue a shared GMO-free farming and raw material concept – regional, verified raw material purchase in close cooperation with the producers. This means local markets for purchases and therefore direct influence on the farming methods as well as separate recording and storage of raw materials for multi-regional and international markets for our products.

Any company which like us, processes, optimises and certifies about 1.45 million tons of grain every year into grain products and manufactures mixtures and process aids in conventional, organic and clean-label quality, may state not only rightly that it knows the market intimately, but also that it knows what its customers expect and demand. We continue to keep the flag for quality grain flying high and are the yardstick for the product.

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The milling

Tradition meets high-tech. Facts, figures and insights into the milling industry.

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Customer proximity, knowledge transfer within the milling Group and more customer advantages

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The mills as employers

„To deliberately misquote an old song “Remaining in one place is the miller’s delight…” Why staff turnover is like a foreign language for us millers.

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Family-managed, in a tradition of craftsmanship and with outstanding quality awareness.


Sometimes a dream job can come along faster than you think. Therefore send in your application!


Anyone wanting to be successful should think outside the box and not be limited by it.


Our mills are a family business. Even though the family has continuously increased in size.


Our best decision? Developing the culture of craftsmanship throughout the generations.


A career in the milling industry is close to where tradition and modernity regenerate each other.


A profession should always be a challenge. Otherwise it is just a job.


Careers can be supported. We emphasise this as we are firmly convinced it is the right thing to do.


Careers don’t start on a whim. And you can only progress in a career if you enjoy it.

Regional awareness

This is more than a foodstuffs industry buzz-word for us; it is a firm conviction.

Global awareness

The craftsmen of former times always went on their travels. We have retained this curiosity.


Product diversity is as important to us as the diversity of the people who work for us.


We compromise almost every day. But never on quality.


Foodstuffs safety is an ongoing topic for us which we treat with the utmost seriousness.


One should never rest on one’s laurels, but always search out what is new.


We are only truly strong when we are part of a team. Our milling Group owes its existence to this conviction.

What remains

… is the awareness that we are very excited about your application and look forward to receiving it.

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