Training in the mills

School. And then what? Careers. What is the first decisive step on the career ladder? We will help you find the right track for your career. Whether as an intern during your time at school, a training course or sandwich-type study, the Bindewald & Gutting Milling Group is the right employer for people who want to establish themselves in a future-proof industry and see themselves grow in an attractive, ultra-modern working environment.

The fact that by joining us you would also have an exciting and varied job, earn more than the average and that we would help you with your personal development from the beginning, adds a little icing to the cake.

A further point is that with the 8 sites we currently have, we are Germany’s most significant family-managed milling company and one of the most important raw material suppliers to the foodstuffs industry both here in Germany and elsewhere in Europe.
As an apprentice or trainee with us you will have our complete support. Choose your dream career from a wide selection of fascinating careers and make a start on the career path which is right for you. Our jobs with formal training have one thing in common – they combine technology with fascination, enjoyment with awareness of life, commercial activity with craftsmanship and personal relationships with customers.

Training with the Bindewald & Gutting Mill Group means more than just swotting up on theory, it also means the application of practical knowledge. No purely digital industrial cycles, but no end of common sense, sharing your thoughts with others and accepting responsibility.

And there is more for you when your training is over. You won’t have to jump through a hoop to be offered a permanent job if you have performed well and demonstrated commitment.
Some of our managers started with us as interns or apprentices and were successful candidates for much higher level jobs, sometimes at different sites.

Make their acquaintance here.

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