Benefits – we value your work

Your advantages? We are a long-established, family-managed company. At the same time we are full of innovative ideas and are considered to be service-oriented and customer-friendly. We are manufacturers but at the same time a service-provider and as such very modern and forward looking – but never neglecting our history and values. This makes us what we are. And it also makes it difficult for industry competitors to copy us.

But what is perhaps most important for you is that we value the work done by our staff. What makes our staff particularly valuable to us? They join in our thinking, look ahead and, thanks to their straightforward approach, react quickly to the changes which are now typical of our market.

This enables us to achieve solutions faster and makes it easier for us to take decisions based on in-depth knowledge than most of our competitors. It is precisely this which guarantees our success. This is why we promote people who demonstrate commitment in their area of work and why we are happy to invest in their development. Investment of this nature reinforces our skills and also increases your long-term career opportunities. Do you want to learn more about your opportunities at the Bindewald & Gutting Milling Group? If so, contact us right away. We offer the following benefits depending on your area of work and commitment:

Icon Ausbildungsmaterialien

Training materials


Icon Betriebsarzt

Company doctor


Icon Flexible Arbeitszeiten

Flexible working hours

Yes, when possible for organisational reasons

Icon Job Rotation

Change of location

Yes, when possible for organisational reasons

Icon Parkplatz

Car park


Icon Messen

Attendance at exhibitions


Icon Barrierefrei

Barrier-free environment

Yes, for certain jobs

Icon Bezahlte Arbeitskleidung

Free work clothes

Yes, for certain jobs

Icon Gesundheitsmassnahmen



Icon Kantine


Yes, at certain sites

Icon Pruefungsvorbereitung

Examination preparation


Icon Coaching

Further education

Yes, e.g. language courses in English and French

Icon Betriebliche Altervorsorge

Company pension scheme


Icon Firmenfahrrad

Company bike

Yes, at certain sites

Icon Homeoffice

Home office

Yes, when possible for organisational reasons

Icon Mitarbeiter_Events

Staff events


Icon Sportangebot

Sports facilities


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