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A strategic objective of our Group is not to be everywhere but to be close to our regions. We know about the importance of an unbroken supply chain in which our raw materials arrive in our premises from the areas most suitable for their cultivation by the fastest route to us – and our customers.

And we also value tradition, trust and the exchange of ideas and know-how as an additional corner-stone of our milling network. This intangible “supply chain” also says something about our milling Group as an employer. By knowledge-transfer we extend the career opportunities of our staff and at the same time underpin the quality of our products and services.

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Bavaria Mühle
Products from soft wheats, rye and spelt
Software development
Wheat flours, retail packaging + aromatic roasted malt flours made from wheat, barley or rye as well as barley and wheat brewing malts
Conventional maize flour and organic maize products as well as gluten-free baking mixtures
Wheat flour, rye flour, bread mixtures, cereal germs, dusting flour
Saale mill + Dresden mill
Soft wheats, durum wheats, spelt and emmer wheat, stabilised germs Special expertise and experience in technical flours: (hydro)thermal refinement in line with the customer’s needs
Rettenmeier mill
Soft wheats, rye, spelt
Vogtland organic mills
Organic flours
Rheintal mills
Wheats, ryes

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